We use the highest quality clay to make our earrings and they should last a long time with proper care; however, your earrings are still works of art. Please avoid dropping, bending, scratching and sleeping in your earrings!


  • Avoid water- Do not wear your earrings in the shower or while swimming.
  • Keep them away from makeup, tanner, perfume, hairspray, oils and other moisturizers. This can discolor the clay and jewelry findings.
  • Alcohol can dissolve the clay.
  • Always store in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Small parts may cause a choking hazard and polymer clay earrings should not be considered a toy for teething purposes.

How to clean your earrings:

Clay is a porous material, and with prolonged use, makeup may stain the earrings. To clean your earrings, use a damp, soft cloth and wipe it gently to remove the stains from the earrings.
To dust off your earrings, use a dry soft cloth and wipe it gently to remove the dust.

How to restore tarnished brass: 

* Many of our styles include brass charms. Raw brass naturally tarnishes, but there is an easy fix to bringing the shine back to these charms! BRASSO branded brass cleaner will take all the tarnish off of the brass and restore it so it looks new. All you need to do is put some on a paper towel while wearing gloves, and rub it onto the charms. Be careful not to get it onto other materials such as polymer clay.